The Miscellaneous Blog Entries - Random Topics

This is my time to share you some random facts about anything I wish to share. Feel free to use the comments below and ask me some ideas.

#1: Chrome Links

This list of URLs can come in handy. If you are good at developing your computer, then use this to find your way around many links. Great, right?

#2: chrome://inducebrowsercrashforrealz

This link will instantly crash your computer. Yes, that is right, it crashes your computer manually. This link will come in handy if your computer starts to run slow. Be sure to save anything before doing so.

Warning: Do not type in this link unless you save your work, or there will be consequences. You might lose data if your Chrome OS is very old.

#3: Sofie's New Trick

Check this out:

Photo courtesy of Fisher Price

This was from Sofie's Photo No-No in Little People. It turns out that she was using her new camera to take pictures along the way. When she wasn't looking where she's going while running, somewhere around the 6:40 to 7:00 marks, she tripped on a nearby rock and tumbled backward, head-first. When that happened, that's the moment where she dropped her camera. When it made impact by another rock, it somehow landed on the capture button and it accidentally snapped this picture aforementioned. It kind of looks like Sofie was performing some acrobat in the air, or some stunt in the air. Somehow, Mia® liked it, and so did I. Sofie got a little confused about it, though.

Update Dec/3/2020

I recently noticed that one leg looks longer than the other here, probably due to 3D-designing the legs to extend from the middle of their dress and torso to the ground.

Psst. The colors are not very good in the images you see online; Fisher Price just added some shine and way too many shadows (especially the bangs on Emma's hair). In the actual TV show, the colors are more vivid (much rich if you had a flat-screen TV, iPad, iPod (any kind that has a screen), iPhone, MP4/MP3 players, and touchscreens on laptops. My Timmkoo MP4 player actually has good lossless sound and the colors are so bright that I cannot look at the image for too long, especially this one:

Take, for example, the wagon next to Mia here. The red is so vivid and bright that it looks just like the full hex red, or full hex magenta and yellow. The curtains are bright, too.

#4: Attempting Cursive In Greek, Cyrillic (Russian) and Various Symbols and Cool Letters

Here is what I done:

The order is like this: English, Miscellaneous, Greek, Cyrillic (Russian), and Variants.

Psst. I had to rotate the image sideways, so that the writing is upward instead of sideways, plus I had to fit it on the screen.

Psst. I forgot the lowercase character for Xx, but that's OK, it's the same as the uppercase, just smaller.

#5: Comparing Metallica's "Sad But True" and Kid Rock's "American Badass"

Try listening to Metallica's "Sad But True", then Kid Rock's "American Badass". Did you sense something? Did you ask yourself:

Q: Aren't those songs very similar?

A: Yes, they are. "American Badass" is after all, no doubt, a remix with different lyrics. Besides, the sound quality is very different, though. The song "American Badass" has a bass that sounds like it's performed live, but it's not.

Q: Why is the song just like Sad But True?

A: Because that is what Kid Rock decided to do. I'm not sure why, in detail, though.

Q: Is American Badass basically a remix of Sad But True?

A: Yes, it is. Kid Rock probably used electronic sounds to perform the rock melody, but they still had drummers and guitar people when they were performing it. It's "Sad But True", but a band called "Tuff" created yet another remix of "Sad But True" (really it's a remix of the remix of "Sad But True", in other words, a remix of "American Badass") and it's called "American Hairband". Strange, right? It's more like "Strange But True" instead.

#6: Making Your Own Emojis

Open up the emoji keyboard using whatever setting you have to enable it (usually in the Settings under Accessibility), click and hold down an on-screen key and see what you can create!

#7: Peanutize Me

hoto courtesy of The Peanuts CompanyPhoto courtesy of Charles Shultz (his death at 2000, but we're still using his cartoon today.)

This is one of my favorite websites for little ones to enjoy! Or adults might want to do this, too!

Just go to and start designing a Peanuts character of yourself, or whatever you want it to be.

Please note that I apologize for your inconvenience, but you cannot upload your own photo from your computer. This is browser based, so you have to make do, but skip that problem. It's fun!

You choose from tone of skin, hair, hair color, expressions on your face, clothing, shoes and accessories. You can also add a background. Here is my result:

To my opinion, I think The Peanuts Movie is better than any other Peanuts source, because it has so many realistic properties, like trees, water, lighting, and lots of other cool stuff that Little People doesn't have. When you finish, you get to download the profile picture and/or the wallpaper of your character and scene.

Update: When you close the tab, you might have to restart all over again if you want the same character. When you click "Edit", it lets you edit the character on-screen.

I currently have the profile picture stored in my Google Account, so it will come in handy.

Update: There is also a Snoopytizer, to personalize your own dog! I have not done that yet, but I might.

UPDATE 12/10/2022: The official site has been taken down! Fortunately, you can still make your own character using this unofficial archive recreation on!

#8: The Best TI-89 Titanium Emulator That Is Online

This is my to-go calculator. I can use it for many cases, even physics.

You can click on the keys, or press keys on your keyboard to use the calculator a little easier.

If, for some reason, it doesn't work, try these:

Update Sep/24/2020

Just got an update on that date where the actual guy, who makes this emulator, fixed the problematic Google tag and now, it runs just fine!

#9: Highlighting Text On A Page Using URL

The best way to do this is to add #:~:text=This is a sample of text. and add &text=More text here! for every excerpt you want highlighted. Use a comma to break through text. This is helpful for the tooltips that display on Google Search with the excerpts from websites. For symbols, use %20 for a space and %2C for a comma. For other symbols, go here.

#10: Searching Images

On Chrome OS, when you search something, it not only finds the filename you want, or at least what you're looking for, but it also looks in the image and finds text inside the image, even if it's a logo. Here are some screenshots

Pretty cool, right? I did not know that until now (Dec/3/2020).

#11: Cursor Values (Roles)

mouse·o·ver mous-ˌō-vər/ n 1 : hover these with your mouse.