The Best HTML Game In Cool Math Games: Crazy Eights

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I'm starting to get upset about using Cool Math Games at school, where this website is allowed to be used. But on many games, an extension called Securly thinks it doesn't know the difference between "" and "" and shows "Unsupported Protocol".

The main reason for this blog entry is showing a superior quality HTML5 game called Crazy Eights, and 4 Colors.

The artwork is credited from

How Are The Images Designed?

They are made in Adobe Photoshop. Sources are available in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Flash. They are made by codethislab. The project is called "Four Colors - Gamecraft Pack".

Cool Math Games made a remix out of this artwork. They colored the cards from (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue) to (Orange, Cyan, Lime, Magenta) for a remix. They also made more sprites.

What Is Included?

How Does Crazy Eights Work?

The game, now available at, is an HTML file that has a game you can make as a shortcut to your desktop. I'm not sure if you can make it an offline HTML, but I'm pretty sure someone can figure it out.

Here are screenshots of the game.

Here is the title screen, and below that is the game settings:

You can have up to 4 players, but you are the only one that uses the game, making the other players be computerized.

You have "Classic" (Crazy Eights) or "Action Cards" (Uno Card Game).

You can draw one or keep drawing until you have the right card. I normally select "Draw One".

The selected items are what I'm using right now.

The best part: It tells you how to play before you start!

What Is The Gameplay Like?

I will now select Uno Card Game.

It shows neat animations for when you draw two or four cards, skip the opponent's turn, reverse play order, or choose colors.

Can You Get Free Images To Save To Your Device?

Yes! Just press Ctrl + Shift + I, click on the "Applications" tab on the top.

Click on "Images" in the "Frames" section, and you can get all the hidden images you want! But, however, do not share these images! They are part of credit to Cool Math Games.

How Does 4 Colors Work?

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