This Sonic Hack Will Drive You BumperBonkers!

I'm a big Sonic fan, like, a really big fan. Better than Mario, although I still do like some Mario on occasion.

I love Sonic hacks, because it brings the hacking community to life. I always play Sonic hacks all the time. Sometimes, I'd like to play a usual standard Sonic 1 or 2 ROM. Of course, it's bugs remain famous. Until two months ago, this happened.

Not just an ordinary Sonic hack......

Nope, that's not "Not an ordinary Sonic hack", it's called ohgodwhy.bin, according to You can download it by clicking "dont click this".

It's got to be one of the most bizzare hacks I've ever seen for a Sonic game.

Introducing, Sonic Green Snake!!

I got exhausting after playing this, so let's get this over with.

This hack originated as a small hack a user called Green Snake made. He had a person who is interested in participating in the project, but quit, because Green Snake didn't know assembly, so instead of learning a lot, he stole code from other sources, games and hacks into his abomination, called Sonic Green Snake demo version 3.68, called the hack of shame.

One interesting SEGA start intro. Then there's this text:

Here it is

One word to say this title screen: garbled.

I could not get the game to play, since it immediately crashes with an Address Error in BizHawk, so we play it on Kega Fusion.

What the fuck does this intro mean? Does it even have a story? It's meaningless. All it is is Sonic running in a Hot Summer Zone, then says to Tails he will be back soon after checking Green Hill Zone but never returned. I expect a story about Dr. Robotnik stealing chaos emeralds and animals from Sonic, not this absurdity.