Little People Games: How Do They Work?

Wow, I'm so obsessed over this show that I want to start another blog about it...

There are online games for the show; eventually I found them online and started to do an experiment with the games. All the games here are vectorized* by how Fisher Price made them. Some games use real 3D images, vectorized images with black outline, and some are hand-drawn.

I'm just going to do three of my faves.

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If you don't want to scroll this much, use the table of contents:

First Game, Ready?

I started to look at and see what kinds of stuff they have. I eventually ran into a game called "Little People: What's Different?"

(I had to pull this up in full screen to prevent people seeing my personal stuff.)

It took a long 2 minutes to load the page, and that can be annoying. I once got a 504 error for loading the page for too long. There is a programming problem with the flash object that the game is on:

  • The programming is somehow reversed.

  • When the window is maximized, the game is smaller than the actual size, yet the game is bigger on a smaller window.

Wow! I love the vectorized background! Look at all the detail...

Here is what the game looks like in gameplay:

When I played it for the first time, I don't know what I was doing, nor know how to play it. But here are some rules:

  • You have to click on the right side, not the left side...

  • There are three differences in each character. Find 'em!

  • What's the point of the score counter, anyways? You only get three differences, so why have it?

  • You have the 5 characters**. Screenshots:

  • Hmm... Why does Eddie have orange hair? Not possible in real life, to my knowledge...

  • Clicking on the sunglasses is a little tricky, you have to click and find your way into it.

  • Of course, you can choose another character instead if you are not into this.

  • Oh heck, Mia would look perfect in those colors! Of course, her favorite color is mainly pink.

  • One problem is that when you select the same character, thinking the game can be more fun if the pictures can change for a challenge, it will not.

  • That's a shame...

  • Here is how you play the game, in a nutshell:

  • I see four differences instead of three...

  • Plus, the quality of the images are a bit poor. You can see pixels on the images of the character.

I can make the game in PowerPoint that looks like a game, but isn't a presentation either.

Second Game, Ready?

Here is "Little People: Friend Finder":

This is really a survey to find out what character you like or just to test your survey skills. It's very fun to use, in my opinion.

Here is the first screen:

Sofie! You're here!

  • Favorite Animal? I like dogs a lot and I have two right now at my house.

  • Favorite Activity? I really like running, biking and ball games, so if I had to choose one, I click the baseball icon.

  • Favorite Color? Dang, that's so very few colors! Green looks unusual, say blue is my fave.

  • Clothing? What? Are you asking me how I feel about wearing some of your guys' clothes? LOL! 🤣 This game is just a test, so I'll pick Eddie's.

  • Favorite Toy? I'll say sports (along with reading and art), because it keeps me strong when I run, bike or swim.

And guess who my friend is?


That's cool. Here are the combinations I used:

Character: fave animal, fave activity, fave color, clothing, fave toy, next fave activity

  • Eddie: dog, sports, blue, Eddie, soccer ball

  • Eddie: dinosaur, sports, blue, Eddie, reading, race car

  • Koby: dinosaur, magic, orange, Koby, dinosaur

  • Sofie: horse, exploring flowers, pink, Mia, art

  • Sofie: horse, treasures, green, Sofie, art

  • Tessa: cat, treasures, yellow, Sofie, your pet, styling shoes

  • Tessa: butterfly, exploring flowers, pink, Mia, your pet, styling shoes

  • Tessa: cat, music, yellow, Tessa, art

  • Mia: butterfly, treasures, pink, Mia, your pet

Next Favorite Activity: To my opinion, the top choice is cool with me... (Is that schoolwork, journal, or writing just for fun? I wonder...) That was a photo I forgot to mention earlier

That is enough. I'm going to the next thing. 😴

Third Game, Ready?

This one is called "Little People: Online Puzzles".

Here is what it looks like inside:

You can select 3 backgrounds with 3 difficulties (Easy, Medium, Difficult)


I love those vectorized backgrounds!

For some weird*** reason, some graphics are low quality, such as the character on the left and the logo on the image above this line you're reading.

Same thing goes with the backgrounds on a larger screen.

Wow. I'm finished with this stuff. I feel exhausted right now...

If you want to play these games offline, download the following files and use them in Firefox or Internet Explorer, plus, they're larger than what's in the website, depending on the computer screen size you have: (Of course, if these already open, press Ctrl + S to save the game and put it in your computer.)





* Two cases: (1) I don't know why my Google Chrome spellchecker is doing this, but it's very bad, and (2) the vectorized images are probably done in Photoshop.

** Emma, Jack, why are you not here? You're in the show, so get at it!

*** I get used to spelling it this way: "wierd" instead of "weird", and every time it happens, a dolphin gets run over by a jet ski.

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