Little People (2016) Show

Wow, I loved this show ever since.

Photo courtesy of Fisher Price

The TV show called "Little People" came out in 2016 and a preview of it is shown on Google by just typing "fisher price little people show"

How I Originated In Finding This TV Show:


Recurring Characters*****:

If you want to look up stuff from this show, it frustrates me that you have to enter "fisher price little people" every time. Eventually, I played a game called "What's Different?".

What Is It Like?

Basically, the characters have their own house, with a tree house, playground, stage, and other stuff (man, I don't know how they can afford all that stuff, oh my god). They have different topics for adventures, where they use the stage to perform a song before the adventure begins; the Adventure Song is different in Season 1 from Season 2.

Season 1

Eddie: Hey hey we've got an adventureSofie: And you can come alongEddie: A special kind of adventureEddie and Sofie: But first we sing this songEveryone: We sing this song (Sing this song)We sing this song (Sing this song)We sing this songEddie: Hey hey we've got an adventureSofie: And we're extra so excitedEddie: So here we goSofie: Adventure hoEveryone: And everyone is invited

Season 2

Eddie: Hey, hey come out and play...We're going on an adventure today.Koby: We're gonna have some funUse our imaginationEddie: You can be anyone...In any situation.Mia: Let's go on an adventure...Exploring some placesNear and far, togetherThere's so much we can doEveryone: So...  Hey, hey come out and play...We're going on an adventure today.Eddie: We're gonna have so much funKoby: Use our imaginationMia: You can be anyone...In any situation.Everyone: So...  Hey, hey come out and play...We're going on an adventure today.

(In Season 1, Koby plays a pre-made song on a boombox behind a table with puppets. He uses the puppets to make instrument-playing moves. Once the song is over, Koby hurries up to catch up with everyone else.)

They have all kinds of episodes. My fave is "Cookie Caper."

It's about where Sofie makes a giant oatmeal raisin cookie for everyone to share. When everyone was playing hide-and-seek, Koby sneaks the cookie (I sneak stuff, too, being caught every time) and eats it (I swear, that entire cookie would be one serving for my size). When Eddie saws the cookie gone, Koby lied by wiping the crumbs off his mouth. Mia blamed Lucky (the gang's dog) instead, so when Sofie is making another cookie, (I swear, either they (Sofie and Tessa) did (1) buy the dough and post-bake it, (2) have a tray of those cookies, or (3) go watch some TV inside because the interior of the house is not designed (yet...) and I don't know why.) Eddie complains and Mia suggested a forest adventure using Season 2's song. Then they help the squirrels stock acorns for the upcoming winter season. Koby was being by himself, when he spotted Sheldon (the squirrel that introduced himself) eating said acorns. Koby suggested telling them, but Sheldon begged a suggestion to lie and sweep it under the carpet (cover up the problem) with a heavy boulder. Suddenly, the boulder ripped said hole in the tree with the meter going down. Koby and Sheldon came to the problem and they swept that under the carpet, too. They finally fixed it using planks of wood with screws, and Sheldon explained the situation, then Koby did the same. At first, Mia was convinced why Koby didn't tell them in the first place, because "I thought you might not like me anymore." She said naw naw, that isn't the problem. 

Suddenly, winter.

Sofie sliced the cookie up into four parts (I swear she pretends not to assume Koby ate that other cookie.) and Koby rejected (Because of the situation, and that the cookie was sliced up for 4, not 5. It's kind of hard to slice up a giant cookie for 5, but it's easier if sliced up for 6 and save that last one.) and apologized Lucky for the blame with a dog treat. Everyone ate the cookie and boom. Done.

Something A Little Extra...

I have found hidden images by searching "little people png", going to, opening a new tab to I open an image of, say Eddie, in a new tab, open Jack and Emma from the blog spot link in new tabs. Next, I copied and pasted Jack-icon_tcm169-307045.png and Emma-icon_tcm169-307044.png, changed the number "169" to "219", and boom! These are the images not shown on the website:



I also did the same thing with the other characters. These are actually the ones on the website:






That should give you the preview of the characters. (Emma seems oversized...) The colors will be richer if you watched the actual show instead of looking at the above images of individual images.


The show was made by Fisher Price in a 3D design. This is the first Fisher Price show I've ever seen with actual human beings. However, the design is very wacky and kid-friendly. Here are some differences******:

Now, it is time for this:

'Sup, bro? How ya like me now? Cool bros hang out here... 😎


* They look like shorts to me, according how short these legs are.

** One of them is untied.

*** Yes. You can tell by looking at the eyes and tone of skin.

**** Wikipedia says red-orange, when they are actually brown.

***** I don't know why they do this. (Hint: You can only find Emma and Jack in certain episodes.)

****** Compared to The Peanuts Movie (2015). 🙋🏻‍♂️

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