Huntsville City Schools Has Issues, Plus I'm In The Hospital

I have to say, Huntsville City Schools in Alabama is a bad place to be. They have some issues.

What About Morris Elementary School?

I don't know much about Morris Elementary School, other than being in the older building during 3rd grade and having a good time.

What About Providence School?

I was in Providence School, and it wasn't bad. But other schools are a different story.

What About Whitesburg P-8 School?

Whitesburg P-8 has a policy where students must bring a snack for school every day. My mother tried to convince them that it would become a problem if it were happening to me. But this is a forced policy. Eventually, my mother caved in with Larabars.

What About Williams Jr High School?

The district forced me into Williams Jr High for some weird policy. 7th grade wasn't as bad, got straight A's in 1st nine weeks. But 8th grade was a nightmare.

There was a policy that kind of threw me off. Every student must receive an electronic device for the whole entire school.

K,1,2 get iPads/3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 get laptops.

I had fun on the laptop, but when I need schoolwork done, I just simply switch to the assignment fast. I was a very smart guy in computers.

Getting back to the point... Many teachers were not nice. The world history teacher in the room next to the overpass was not good. When I was using my laptop, the teacher just simply snatched it from my hands, and you know that this is not a good thing to do.

There were so many complaints about the laptop issue from parents. For the news anchor about this, visit this link.

I never knew how the software that the admin put on my computer get there anyways. I found out that the admin installs a system called DyKnow. DyKnow is a system that the I.T. has the ability to literally pull up the actual computer screen of the actual student's laptop and they can do anything to your laptop. Basically, your laptop is theirs. I was literally the first student in the school to find out about this. They can even shut down your machine. But the bad thing is, is that they don't give you a warning about this. Death.

Here are some things to consider what DyKnow can do to your laptop:

There is also a system called Lightspeed Systems, where it basically blocks websites. They block inappropriate website, and even the websites that aren't even inappropriate in the first place! When something goes wrong and Lightspeed Systems blocks Google, your Wi-Fi is basically a brick wall that cannot be broken. Your web browser is useless, and you cannot go on the W.W.W. at all. Madison County Schools can do better than this!

The attitude for many people is the worst of the school. When I got aggressive, the teacher texted my mother to come and get me. She has an important meeting right now, and yet they are forcing it on her, and blaming this on me. Why are they doing this?! Worst of all, the teacher just shoved us out. My mother could've gotten fired from her job and we could have difficulty living at home!

The school needs laptops for online testing. Eventually, my mother came to school for a meeting, told them to do paper A.C.T. tests and take away the laptop. The teacher said: "What if they need to do the tests on laptop?" My mother literally forced them to do this and it worked. After one last episode of behavior, the ambulance and my mother came. My mother told them to just "take me out of Huntsville City Schools!".

When the bus kept coming when I'm un-enrolled, my mother told them to stop coming to my house, but they didn't listen; they just keep coming.

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Traffic on Zierdt Rd is a nightmare.

I was sent to the hospital six times after aggression at school. The therapy at the first four hospitals did nothing. That's because there is no therapy session room. The next one was very helpful, because they give me advice and tips on behavior, and I mean, lots of 'em. The very last one was long. I'll explain it later.

Please, please, don't enroll to Williams Jr High. I swear, it's bad out there.

What About Grissom High School?

I have heard about violence at Grissom High School. Mainly because of the disciplinary system. Many students get so aggressive there and there is not much discipline there.

What About Columbia High School?

I have made friends there when I was in the cross country team paired up with Williams Jr. High. I loved Coach Shea and Papa Shea. These are nice people. The teammates are friendly, and on the second year of the cross country team Columbia "Eagles", I had my fastest time for the 5K, in 28:04, 4 minutes lower and better than the previous 32:16.

Aside from their cross country team, I have heard bad things about the school and behavior. In fact, it's less violent than Grissom High School.

Do sign up for their cross country team, if you can. It's awesome.

How Did The Hospital Visits Go?



Why did you not stay in Whitesburg P8 School where it's better there?

There is some weird policy and change that forced me into Williams Jr High School, rather than Whitesburg P8 School. It sucks not to be in this school during 7th grade when the brand new building was finished.

Why are you pulled out of Huntsville City Schools District?

I did so, because the staff attitude at the last school wasn't good, and so is my aggressive behavior (I still have aggressive behavior today, but way better than at that time I was at that school.), but the counselor, Mrs. King, Mrs. Daniel, and the art teacher are some of the best teachers around! I miss them.

At the time you were signing up for Columbia High School, why didn't you go there?

My mother was very upset about Huntsville City Schools, and pulled me out. She also heard about the bad stuff at Columbia High School.

What school(s) did you go to instead of Columbia High School?

Why Sparkman 9th Grade/High Schools instead of Columbia High School?

All I can say is that Sparkman 9th Grade/High Schools is more friendly than Columbia High School. I miss cross country and the Shea family. 😣

Why Madison County Schools instead of Huntsville City Schools?

Better than Huntsville City Schools. Sparkman 9th Grade/High Schools have got the best staff around the area.

What area were you living in when you were in Huntsville City Schools?

The answer is "The Willows At Lanier Lakes". Adams Homes is the home of the system of neighborhoods grouped with the Huntsville City Schools district. For some stupid reason, they have a Madison County School in Harvest near Nick Davis Rd and Athens, and Adams Homes build a neighborhood only suitable for Huntsville City Schools when the Madison County School is across the road from them. Now who wants that?

Are you going to have kids? If so, do you want to send them to Huntsville City Schools?

I am not sure, yet. And if I do, yes, I might as well send my kid to a different school of the district every grade they pass. I want to hear from the kid about the day. I want him to write a 1-page report once every week on how the school is doing, just to see how me and him feel. If it's bad, them I'm just straight up sending him to Madison County Schools. I was going to reestablish and live in this abandoned house on Jeff Rd:

You see that white house with the brown roof, right next to the telephone pole hidden behind the trees on the right? That is the plan.

Listen Up!

Please, please, do not go to Huntsville City Schools. I swear, it's bad out there.

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