Do You Think Strengthening Prison Helps Crimes At All?

Definitely not!

Prisoners learn very little when they are in prison, because of what's going on in there. If punishments are put through more than ever, then prisoners will definitely not learn anything. If punishments are even more than that, prisoners would get freaking killed! I don't get why the police don't understand how prison teaches you nothing.

Prison is not a happy place. It's no surprise that people try to avoid it as much as possible. Prison is full of violence, but that's just the tip of the iceberg of being behind bars.

There are multiple felony laws, and if punishments are put through ... let's imagine that a quarter of the world's population is in prison for selling $20 worth of weed. If that was the case, violence is common, they would feel miserable and the population would be greatly reduced, because of being beaten up. But that's just an imagination. I know that imaginations can be anything, but that's my opinion. The point is that people could potentially stay in prison for the rest of their lives.

My mother once told me that people force you to have sex with them, plus, typing sex, as in gender, will be blocked by the Securly extension installed on everyone's devices. In 2007, over 70,000 prisoners reported some form of sexual abuse.

Cops really hate cop-killers, but they don't care if those "cop-killers" are still aggressive. Unfortunately, we've heard of corrupt officers abusing their power, time and time again. This happened in the case of Adolph Archie, and so many other prisoners who were beaten to death by police officers. Adolph was not a nice guy; he had murdered an officer in New Orleans. During this incident, he sustained a gunshot wound to the arm, but instead of being taken to the hospital, he was taken to the police station where a mob of officers attacked him. He died a short time later. The officers claimed that Adolph died of a fall, but that didn't explain his shattered skull and teeth and hemorrhaging (suffer from an escape of blood from a ruptured blood vessel) testicles. No officers were charged in his death.

Since the invention of prisons, guards have been creative thinking of ways to torture prisoners. There is such thing as white-noise torture, or just white torture, and it's when the prisoner is in make-said-shortly cell. The prisoner he/she is is deprived of all color. His/her cell is completely white; the walls, floor and ceiling, as well as their clothes and food. Neon tubes are positioned above the prisoner in such way that no shadows are shown. Also, the cell is soundproof, and void of any sound, voices or social interaction. Guards are stood in silence wearing padded shoes to avoid making any noise. Prisoners cannot hear anything but themselves. The prisoner is fed something like unseasoned rice, for example, to deprive them of taste and smell. Also, all surfaces are smooth, robbing them of tact.

Also, suicide was pretty common, too.

Sometimes, you used to be a kid who misbehaves and you would go to bed without dinner. Well, in prison, if you misbehave, you still get dinner, but the dinner is the punishment. Nutraloaf is the keyword to search online to get horrified, and it's given to prisoners to eat a meal miserably out of mealtime. It's usually made of a variety of ingredients, like veggies, fruit, meat and bread. The ingredients are blended and baked into a solid loaf.

There would be fight clubs, and sometimes with weapons. This happens all the time. Some guards even train their fighters. Prison employees then bet money on these fights and make a profit off this brutality.

If you are reading this, then you are not in prison, and be glad you aren't. Because when you are in prison, you are totally going to be screwed up. 🙅🏻‍♂

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