Download Links For Software On The Rise From Malware

This happened to me before: download links for other software by hackers who make them fake. This is all done on Google Docs and it's everywhere.

The way they do this is frustrating. The hacker adds his/her own malware for the link to a separate Google Drive folder, make a Google Docs document with a link to a "website" for the "trusted software", share it to the Web and, boom: a malicious Google Docs document with a link to the malware to get it on the victim's device, especially Windows. This has been going around for years, and it never stops.

Here is an example:

That looks interesting. Let's try it!
Wait, wait! I need to snip this screen up before something bad happens!
Is this for e-mail. Sure!
Are you asking me again? Why?
Why can't I click on that?

I have the right to report these spamming documents. Here are some other examples I have reported:

and much more.

Some links use

There are e-books, and three links are the same. Some of the links have been blocked by Madison County School District (Alabama), and were tagged malware. Others require a account. Text says that the book is free, but usually, it ends up with a payment with PayPal. What the h***? It says free, but it's a trick!

Basically, summarize it like this:

Update 1

Here is another example:

When I click on "Report abuse", things get very interesting.

How am I supposed to easily pronounce these names? It turns out that the owner of these documents presumably used a random string generator to make these fake Russian pseudonyms, then deleted or abandoned those account(s).

Guys, for you out there, stay away from those documents. I swear, it's bad out there. 🙋🏻‍♂️


* I don't understand why people make downloads for mobile use only for Windows users. It freaks me out to see this.

** What kind of file is this?

*** What is this? The description is useless.

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