BREAKING NEWS - Spamming Combining Marks in Unicode Rises to Torture Nerves

We've seen it before. It happens to us. We get bullied by someone, and someone goes after them. It doesn't work out that way. This is no different. This is insanity.

I, and other users, have discovered this gig recently in where somebody took a letter, let's say "upside down u", selected a combining arabic diacritical mark, and hold down Ctrl + V and spam-paste the combining arabic diacritical mark onto the letter, creating something like what you see in the picture, sticks poking out of the surface, like spikes of nightmares. A forum post from Scratch talked up the same idea, and tried to find ways to stop this.

Don't you know what the character is?

Maybe not, Tessa, but I'll mention it.

I'll have to make another column to fit the character.

This character won't work very well in the new Google Sites editor, so I decided to leave it like this because it displays well in the viewer.

You cannot highlight just the base character. You would end up selecting the whole thing.

I first discovered it on Brainly, as user sagansiniard. When I see something like this, I report it. I simply report it as "Question is too complex" or "Mistakes in the answer". I didn't see the comments until I found out what causes them, so I reported them as "Comment contains personal information", because that's the only choice in the list and I see that I need to select it in order to get Brainly to figure out how to stop the gig.

Please don't try this. You will be reported as spam. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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