A Guy Whose Name Is "Redirect Phishing Scammer" Comes Back


I see so many websites who use the method of trickery to phish others using weird websites that trick you into thinking this is necessary. I don't want this happening to you, so follow my lead through this guide. 😔

The Start

One time, I was searching my username "StickyChannel92" to see if my website was on the search engine. So far, it hasn't yet.

Wow! So many choices to choose from.

I see some weird websites in this search entry. I tried the link that promised the user that says "Turning Your Windows XP or Vista Into a Mac and Linux", and this is what pops up:

Here is the website.
What do you think?
Wow, I think this site is pretty big!
Are we there yet?

When it did finally load, it shows this:

Hmmm, that sounds awesome to me!

This is a site that tells you to fill out a survey for a chance to "win a $1000 gift card for amazon.com". I filled this out once, and the website that led me to the promising...wait, hold on; my battery is low.

There. Now where are we?

Oh, yes!

...the website that led me to the promising gift card was not Amazon! It was something else.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that the page has my location, today's date, and my Chrome browser. Strange, right? Madison, AL does not do such thing here.

The next time I clicked on the site in Google, this is what it shows instead:

Yay! I love browsing the internet for this.

This is now a website that tells you "you made the 5-billionth search on Google." Wow, no such person can actually make a 5-billionth search. They may get a 5-thousandth search, or a 5-millionth search; a billion is a very large number, so don't account for this as optimism; account for this as pessimism.

I checked the lock icon that says it's an HTTPS secure website:

You think that's OK? Alright! Then see what goes next.

First of all, my school's admin allowed Flash and Popups and Redirects. That is a very bad decision on the admin to do this. The admin shouldn't do redirects. That's unsafe and can lead you to phishing websites. (Update Sept/6/2021: And also, flash objects can be dangerous. Most games were not dangerous, but Flash is.) I checked the site's certificate:

Are you confused yet?

Take a look at "Issued To" then under that "Organization (O)" and "Organizational Unit (OU)"; they are not part of the certificate. It was issued by Let's Encrypt Authority X3.

That is a bad sign that this site looks "secure". Just look at the website and see for yourself: Is this website safe? Is this website good and easy to use? Is this website less annoying? Does the website look secure? If you answer any of these questions "no", then get off; you shouldn't be there.

Also, when you are not active on this tab, and you're on something else, the favicon will flash just to get your attention for spam.

When you try to close any of these ripoff tabs, things get interesting.

What do I have to do?

It asks me if I want to leave the site? Definitely a no-go. Get out of there! Ignore this message and just click on that blue button to get out.

If you see any of these websites, copy the link from Google—not the site you were on, but the link you clicked on Google search that lead you to the site you were on—and type https://safebrowsing.google.com/safebrowsing/report_phish/?hl=en into the address bar. Paste the URL into the right text box, confirm the captcha, then explain this to Google, then click "Submit Report".

Also go here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/URL_redirection

Be safe out there. 🙋🏻‍♂️

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StickyChannel92 is a programmer in development. He is addicted to the stuff like this and lives out in  Northern Alabama