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1. Never allow children play it alone for it comes to the power using.

2. Keeps the kids away from cable or connecting wire, or it may circle around their neck and cause the acciderit once the kids overexert the wires and make the unit drop down to floor.

3. Available for 5+ Children and please no allow they play it alone.

4. Game console buttons for the four function keys to support even the fight function, opponents speed and operational requirements are higher The game is better.

5. Please donot disassemble or repair the gam console by youself.

6. I won't use a donot to disassemble or repair the gam by meself.

7. The game console is not support 4K solution television.

8. Please power off and stay cool after play 4-5 hours.

9. Please keep the game console from the place extremely cold or hot.

10. The machine is availble for those recommended transformers conforming to international standrd.

11. Never play it with other power sources not recommended.

12. It may be unavailable for sime TV with 4K resolution ratio.