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Larger images from the ones above (now removed). From offline version of the "What's Different?" Flash Object game.

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Traffic Diagram 1

1. Double Arrow Doghouse

2. Paired Bicycle-Controlled Right Turn Set.

Bop ItTwist ItPull ItSpin ItFlick ItShake ItShout ItGolf ItHammer ItAnswer ItSelfie ItComb ItCradle ItWhip ItDrink ItSaw ItSing It

Tennessee MUTCD Highway Arrows

Google Keep Notes

Frozen Yogurt Toppings

bananasgrapeshoneydewblackberriesmandarin orangesmangopeachesraspberriesblueberriescoconutkiwipineapplestrawberriesmango boba popperscandied strawberriespassion fruit boba poppersstrawberry boba poppersmaraschino cherriesmarshmallowsyogurt chipsmochi ballscheesecake bitesandes mintstwixheath toffeewhite chocolate chipschoc chipsbutterfingerchocolate rockssnickerskudosgraham cracker crumbsoreochoc pretzelsskittlescotton candy/bubble gum pop rockscinnamon toast crunchgranolatake 5gummy bearsgummy worms (sour)rainbow snow capsmother's circus animal cookiesreese's piecescocoa pebblesfruity pebblespeanut m&msm&m minisnerdssprinkleschocolate sprinklesrice krispiesgummy sharksreese's peanut butter cupskit katnestle crunchs'moresalmondscappuccino crunchcaptain crunchcaramel turtlesgranolapeanutscookie doughcupcake bitesdark chocolate raspberry heartsgummy papa bearshershey's chocolate shellhershey's kisseshershey's candy cane kissespeppermint roundsspearmint roundsjolly rancher pieceslycheenilla wafersnutter butterpeach ringssour patch kidssour gummy popperswaffle chipswhopperscranberriesfruit loopsjelly beanslucky charmspeanut butter chipspecansraisinssnow capstrail mixrainbow cookies

Frozen Yogurt Sauces

butterscotchcaramelchocolatehoneyraspberryreese's peanut butterstrawberryvanillawhipped creamnutella
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This is my to-go calculator. It has many functions that a TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus doesn't have, like Real Math display, Equation Solver, Programmer's Function (Decimal, Hexadecimal, Binary & Octal (I call it the DHBO \'dɛhf-'bʊ\ mode.)), Equation Mode, Inequalities Mode, Graphing without a Graph, and True/False Mode. Check it out on Amazon; just search "fx-115es plus".
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Sugar Cookies Background
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Cursor Previews for Linux
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Pronunciation Symbols: English:  Consonants:   \g\ get   \x\ loch   \ð\ this   \j\ yes   \tʃ\ chip   \ŋ\ ring   \ʃ\ she   \dʒ\ jar   \θ\ thin   \ʒ\ decision     Vowels   Short Vowels    \a\ cat    \ε\ bed    \ə\ ago    \ɪ\ sit    \i\ cozy    \ɒ\ hot    \ʌ\ run    \ʊ\ put       Long Vowels    \ɑ:\ arm    \ε:\ hair    \ə:\ her    \i:\ see    \ɔ:\ saw    \u:\ too       Diphthongs    \ʌɪ\ my    \aʊ\ how    \eɪ\ day    \əʊ\ no    \ɪə\ near    \ɔɪ\ boy    \uə\ poor       Triphthongs    \ʌɪə\ fire    \aʊə\ sour     Foreign:  Consonants:   \ç\    (German) Ehrlich   \ɲ\    (French) Monseigneur    (Italian) Emilia-Romagna    (Portuguese) Minho    (Spanish) España   \β\    (Spanish) Bilbao   \ɣ\    (Spanish) Burgos   \ʎ\    (Italian) Cagliari   \ƶ\    (Hungarian) Magyarország   \ʀ\    (French) Anvers   \r\    (German) Braunschweig    (Italian) Alberti    (Russian) Grodno    (Spanish) Algeciras      Vowels:   Short Vowels:    \ɐ\     (German) Abitur    \ɑ\     (Dutch) Nederland    \e\     (French) abbé     (Italian) Croce     (Spanish) Albacete    \o\     (French) auberge     (Italian) Palio     (Spanish) Cortes    \ɔ\     (French) Bonnard     (German) durchkomponiert     (Greek) Dhílos     (Hungarian) Brassó     (Italian) Bergia    \œ\     (French) Pasteur    \ø\     (French) Jussieu    \u\     (French) Anjou     (Italian) Duccio     (Spanish) Asunción    \y\     (French) cru    \ʏ\     (German) München    \ʲ\     (Irish) Dáil     (Russian) Arkhangeisk    \ᵊ\     (French) Horta        Long Vowels:    \a:\     (Dutch) Den Haag     (German) Aachen    \e:\     (German) Wehrmacht     (Dutch) Nederland     (Irish) Gaeltacht    \o:\     (German) verboten     (Hungarian) Brassó    \ø:\     (German) Gasthöfe    \y:\     (German) gemütlich        Diphthongs    \aɪ\     (German) Gleichschaltung