About Me

A portrait of me, as a 17-year old boy.

I would like to introduce myself here. My name is Sagan, I live a few blocks down from the Shell gas station in Madison, AL. (I'm not giving you the exact location! That would be bad.)

I'm a developer in progress, and I would love to learn JavaScript, HTML, Python, Kano Coding (or go here), and Scratch. For now, I'm currently learning all that stuff.

I'm born in the hospital in August 27, 2003 in Athens—not the city in Greece or Georgia, but in Alabama. I just thought of something; let me think...

The funniest thing I've ever done when I was little: I woke up early in the morning, when I found my mom's purse. I dumped it on the floor. I also found a Sharpie®, took all my clothes off being naked, and colored everything on me black (yes, that includes my whole entire body; I don't want to be too inappropriate). Soonest my mother wakes up, my grandfather came to pick up tennis rackets for some event, then that's what he saw: a black naked boy. 😜

I've been going to school at Julian Newman Elementary School for K-3. I remember the time Mrs. Allen was being mad, grabbed my arm and hand, and forced me to write something, and that didn't turn out good. Bad stuff went to me (I would not say "happened", for my own reason).

Did I mention that I have autism and ADHD? Maybe not, because I didn't type it until now. I had been diagnosed with autism since kindergarten, and ADHD since first grade. Back in 2016, I had severe aggression issues. At that point, I become hostile and try to hurt and beat up others, but that happened since kindergarten. At 2016, it was beyond worse. I was suicidal, (mainly) homicidal, being hostile to others, and destroying property. I was sent to the hospital six times, and after being at Laurel Heights (or Lauren Hills) hospital, most of the anger is gone, up until 2019, but a little more minor. When I was in the hospital, I don't care about learning social skills, because—seriously, I'm not one of those social guys who goes out and talk about stuff. I'm more of a private person who wants to be alone most of the time.

I'm not sure if it's OK if I gave up my birthday above, but I think it's fine the way it is.

My favorite hobbies are drawing road maps, drawing in general, music, running, hiking, computer programming, TI-Basic programming, Commodore Basic programming, playing with Commodore Machines, and helping others.